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Frequently asked questions
What is workshop?
Workshop is a type of interactive training or a practical lesson on photography under the guidance of an expert. It is important to understand that the most valuable thing in this event is the responsive guidance of a mentor.

I will acquaint you with all stages of a photo shoot - from getting to know a model and choosing a wardrobe, coming up with a concept, images, use of the location, the process of photo shoot itself – including the moments of my interaction, the scenario of events, the change of positions and location, the pace of work. You see and observe, even "peek" how I work. Therefore, you actually hold all the cards. Then you join the process and shoot photos in the same pace, getting these very photos.

In the process, models, wardrobe and location are changing. We create several images in this active interaction.

You can approach me to consult on any questions arising during the process.

Then we share the best photos and discuss the work.
Theoretical part
Theory is an integral part of my workshops. First, we are getting to know each other, and then we begin an active communication, in the process I share some comments, stories and examples of good practice. Next, I answer your questions. You can ask any questions within the scope of the topic of the webinar or the stated program. For example, "emotional portrait" or "nude photo". After that, we move on to the practice of shooting.
Who can participate in the Workshop?
In this case, the level of preparation doesn't really matter. People who are far from photography, who have no camera, come to me just to plunge into another world - the world of photography, to to broaden their horizons and to be inspired, to realize that they want to do it. Newcomers who have taken a camera for the first time – even without understanding the settings you will learn how to shoot photos during just one workshop - I explain it very simply. As for advanced photographers, they will gain new experience, take their skills further, diversify their portfolios with new works at all levels. Beginners usually quickly gain momentum, while professionals find their next steps on the stairs of their skills
What equipment and lenses should I take for shooting?
In general, take what you have. Relevant fixes are 35, 50. Also 24-70, etc.
How to prepare for a workshop?
I recommend taking a notebook and a pen for recording new insights and ideas. Besides, prepare your questions. And, finally, don't forget your camera and good mood for a bright, fruitful work. Participants of the workshop often exchange contacts and business cards.
Timing, location and models?
The duration of the workshop is 3-3.5 hours. The place of photo shoot and models are sent directly to the participants personally.
What will you learn after and what practical experience will you get?
You will get answers to all your questions. You will see and feel how I work. Expand the boundaries of your knowledge and improve your skills. Get to know other photographers and models. Get a new experience!