Lecture "Promotion of the photographer in the Instagram. Personal experience. Working Practices"

I always used to say that I'm an artist, I'm not a salesman. And it was not all easy with it until one simple thought crossed my mind. I understood through insight insight something that helped me to think differently and turned it into an exciting game focusing on the outcome, where the first main goal was to win, and the second was not to let it be boring.

* Training has no limitations: no matter you are a beginner or a pro.

Program of the lesson:

  • Creating an account, its informative and visual part
  • Promotion in social networks. What can I do to be noticed?
  • Official advertising on Instagram
  • Bloggers and Publics
  • How to get to the top and recommended
  • Sales script
  • Which in no case should not be done
  • Tools for impact on traffic:
    - low hanging fruit
    - shares
    - additional sales
  • Why the first step to the customer is important
  • Culture of communication, service level
  • Giveaways with the participation of celebrities and bloggers
  • Giveaways for photographers
  • The introduction of new tricks to increase activity
  • Shooting celebrities and bloggers.
  • Stories about "how?"
  • Target Where to find targetologists and assistants
  • What influenced my results
  • Literature
  • Questions and Answers
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