Author's artistic post-processing of black and white photography.

My author's style of post-processing photos is aimed at conveying mood of the shots and emotional charge carried by them, capturing the particular mood of the moment, emphasize the dramatic touch photos have, and, finally, it is aimed at special experimental tricks.

* Training has no limitations: No matter you are a beginner or a professional.

Program of the lesson:

  • Reviewing and selecting photos:
    - correct and incorrect composition and the reasons who both of them might be the case
    - classical compositional solutions Lighting emphasis
    - the pattern of light and shadow
    - selection of key photos
    - technical part: selection of a photo to retouch in Lightroom
    - framing
  • Overview of basic and key settings.
    - correct setting of the black and white point
    - a key function in the harmonious transmission of black and white photos
    - Exposition. Highlights. Contrast
  • Adjusting the color and how it affects the black and white photo
  • Plugins
    - creating their own plugins
    - use of ready plugins
    - adjusting to yourself
  • Low key. A high key.
  • How to draw and when it is relevant
  • Noise
  • Curves
  • Correct export to Photoshop
  • Design of the working area with the necessary tools
  • Downloading additional tools
    - Photoshop add
    - ons
    - brushes
    - textures
    - noise
    - etc.
  • Skin retouching: how to achieve naturalness without the effect of "blurring" and "plastic" inanimate texture
  • Facial and body plastics
  • Arrangement of light and shadow accents: drawing by the lights
  • Adding contrast and volume to the photo.
  • Curves and how to use them
  • Noise, textures, scratches
  • "Film" photo effect
  • Hotkeys
  • Saving photos and preparing exports for the web. Why is it important.
  • Answers for the questions
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