Shooting schedule

19-24 August
Cyprus, Limassol
25-27 August
28-31 August
Spain, Marbella
1-4 September
Spain, Barcelona
5-6 September
7-8 September
15-16 September
17-20 September
22-23 September
Nizhny Novgorod
29-30 September
6-7 October
7-10 November
Germany, Nuremberg
11 November
Germany, Munich
12-13 November
Germany Berlin
14-16 November
Netherlands, Amsterdam
17-18 November
23-25 November
Turkey, Istanbul
30 November - 2 December
St. Petersburg
7-9 December
15-16 December
19-20 January
22-27 January
UAE, Dubai
2-3 February
Kazakhstan, Astana
9-10 February
Kazakhstan, Almaty
16-17 February
Further schedule
to be specified
Frequently asked questions
What kind of makeup and hairstyle should I do?
Frankly speaking, I am a fan of natural beauty. I take photos ugh natural lighting and nude makeup. Therefore, girls often can deal successfully with this problem themselves (without professional help). The main thing - you shouldn't copy fashion and looks of others, you shouldn't lose your individuality. And makeup and hairstyle, which you prefer, is secondary.
Do I need makeup artist or hairdresser?
If you want to have a professional makeup and hairstyle, we can invite makeup artist or hairdresser (include like accompaniment for change of your look). Sometimes I use smoky or rock and roll style and other unusual things.
What kind of clothes should I bring?
It is easy. I give you some advise:
Shirt (white or black)
Suit, trousers and jacket (classic (female or male)

Base undershirt (white or black)
Bodysuit (white/black/nude)
Nylon tights or stockings (maybe broken)

Coat (classic)
Silk or chiffon dress
Leather jacket
Shoes (classic) (if you want)

Masks, straps, belts, caps, hats, gloves

Underwear: bra without push up
Maybe retro

In addition to this list you can bring:
Red lipstick
Boxing gloves
Bouquet of flowers (or one flower/bud) ONLY WHITE
Croissant with a chocolate cream
Fast food (burgers/French free/coke cola) or pizza
Paints and leafs of paper
Retro camera
Whatever you want

Makeup Natural at most
Crispy locks or straight hair
Idea and look on photo shoot
Ideas and looks. There are three ways. The first way - you have already thought up them yourself and we would embody them. The second way - you can share your mood and after it trust me and my ideas. The last way - you don't know, what you want or even want to see my vision of you and say me: " you can do with me what you want".
Choice of place
Choice of place. You have four ways. The fist way - to have a photo shoot in your apartment. The second - in photo studio (I can give you some advices and links). The third - in hotel with specific interior. The last one - in the open air. As for me, I like take photos at home or in apartments. I think, that photos in these places have more natural atmosphere, than photos in studio do. Nevertheless, you can find a studio with good interior. But atmosphere of hotel is unique... Choose the best place for YOU.
How many hours do I need?
Firstly, you should understand what you want. Minimum format is one hour. It is a dynamic pace. We can change 2-3 looks. Our working process is very fast. It is like parachuting. The second version takes two hours(include video). We can change 4-5 looks, make a video, immerse in the process. Immersion, where for the second hour we can get more emotional and relaxed photos (it helps people, who rarely have photo shoots). It is a part of discovery to find of new looks and conditions. The third format takes three hours, which includes work with with hairdresser and makeup artist. The main thing - you get leather photo book with you photo. It is unforgettable pleasure to hug this book and leaf through pages with your photos. Printed photo is alive.
What if it is the first photo shoot in my life?
I often face girls and women, who want to do it for the first time or if yer unsuccessful experience. You should not fear and hesitate. It is normal thing. Frankly speaking, I enjoy it, because you are alive. You don't injure by poses and it is valuable. We can find a new form. Unfortunately, you might not recognize it. Therefore, "the first time" is the best condition for photo shoot. Trust yourself.
Do you help with poses and looks?
When girls and boys ask me: " Do you give advices or not?", I answer: " You get tired of me, I tell you what you should do every second". Your photos are my vision. Consequently, I will help you in the process of photo session.