Points of emotional contact with the model in non-stop photo / video shooting.

My tricks of liberating a model to create a living photo.

People often come to my photo shooting just to get living non-stop pictures and emotional videos.

Therefore, in all my master classes and workshops the most frequent request is the theme "how to liberate the model, how to establish this emotional contact and catch this moment, in which you believe."

* Training has no limitations: no matter you are a beginner or a pro

Program of the lesson:

  • All the secrets of interacting with the model:
    - the beginning of communication
    - selection of lingerie
    - choosing the right studio / interior
    - music
    - mood and dynamics of shooting
    - internal wants and needs
    - photo shooting as a reflection of yourself
    - living (especially through nudes) a new state of disclosure
    - discussion of moments of restraint, incommodity
    - the liberation and being open for this experience
    - removal of internal blocks
    - why does every woman want to appear naked, but not every woman affords to do it
    - quirks and whims
  • Positioning:
    - from where it is necessary to start in directing and setting the frame
    - where to get ideas from
    - where to draw inspiration from
  • Working with difficult mode
    - "reserved"
    - plus size
    - emotionally non- liberated
  • Portrait of a man
    - how to work with a man on camera
    - the way to a man's heart lies through ...
    - why men are like cats?
  • Couples shooting: love story
    - how to remove "stress" shooting for a man
    - how to work with a couple: how to relax a man
    - dynamics and direction of shooting
    - tricks of the interaction of a couple
    - postures, light and camera angles, conveying the dramatic touch of moments
  • And also key questions:
    - how to achieve the same emotion on the face
    - how to make a living photo - everything is important: emotion, position, lighting, achieving the desired emotional state - the frame in which you believe is the main goal
  • Nuances and secrets of the camera settings, as well as techniques that were used by the masters of photography.
  • Why is 50 better than 85?
  • Play in the giveaway or domination?
  • About why Photographer – director and producer of photographs
  • Answers on questions
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